What makes RepaHeel cream so effective?

Cod liver oil

Enhances bone health and reduces the risk of bone fractures

Ginger root

Has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, activates blood circulation


Eliminates inflammatory process, prevents chondrocalsynovitis, averts calcaneal spur

Shea butter

Deeply moisturises the skin and alleviates any signs of inflammation

How to use RepaHeel cream?

Apply a small amount of the cream
to the inflamed part of the foot
Massaging, rub into the skin
Let the cream absorb
Repeat 1-2 times a days

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Reviews of cream for calcaneal spur RepaHeel

Dmitry, 45
In my youth I used to do quite a lot of weightlifting and worked part-time as a builder. I think that is exactly what led to calcaneal spur. By my 40th birthday pain in my heels became a daily problem. Sharp pain every morning, when I get out of bed and then a gradual intensifying through the day after even slight physical activity. Tried that cream. It is getting much better! I recommend!

Raisa, 34
A couple of years ago I started to feel pain in my heels when walking. It was getting worse and worse. X-Ray revealed there is a calcaneal spur. I tried everything, massage, medicine, heating wash. But then one doctor recommended RepaHeel. Just in a few days the pain reduced a lot. In 2 weeks, I can walk without anything bothering me again!

Sofia, 52
After 40 I've got calcaneal spurs on my both feet, every step – agonizing pain. I was looking for a remedy, really did not want to slow down my life style. Only cream RepaHeel did me good. I really recommend, it really helps!

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Cream RepaHeel is a very popular and effective remedy, thus, there are cases when you can encounter a fake product on the Internet. Do not let yourself be fooled!

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